Modell: F. Galliani, Konzertocarina C3

Modell: F. Galliani, Konzertocarina C3

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von am 06.08.2018
Due to unavailability here at the time of ordering, I ordered this ocarina through the Thomann distributor.

This immediately became one of my favorite ocarinas! The tones are clear with proper intonation all the way across the range. I particularly like the volume and breath requirement for this ocarina: not too much, not too little, slightly higher than average. The burnished surface has a wonderful feel to me, and I like the weight of this ocarina. It is a bit heavier than some C3 ocarinas, but that is a quality I personally enjoy.

This is my personal recommendation for a first ocarina for anyone interested in playing ocarina as well as for professionals!
Blew my previous C3 ocarina , out of the water! Great customer service!
von am 17.11.2017
*preface* I accidentally ordered an item that already came with the ocarina I purchased.
Before I could ask he had already given me something of equal value :D I asked multiple questions and Customer service, and he was ALWAYS very quick to respond!

This is my first professionally made ocarina. I had researched and found that Mr. Rotter's C3 was particularly reliable, even on the high notes. This is 100% true. An improvement from the Stl Ocarina I previously had.

It feels very comfortable in the hands, with just enough weight to keep it from teetering back and forth when quickly varying between the high notes. Something my previous ocarina also did Not do well.

Definitely recommended for anyone who has had problems in the past with intonation or squeaking problems. I have not herd ONE squeak, even when playing incorrectly :)
Wonderful ocarina!
von am 30.11.2015
I'm so pleased with this ocarina that gives you the best of both worlds: the lyrical highs of a soprano with the richer alto tones of the lower register. Very easy to control the breath on this well tuned and lovely sounding instrument!! There's a reason everyone in The Ocarina Network raves about this ocarina!!!!
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