Ocarina Master Class

Ocarina Master Class

Unique in Europa - Master Class with Osawa Satoshi & Vera Unfried

Ocarina Musikhaus: 19. & 20.07.2018

We are exceedingly happy to be able to present the first ocarina master class with the ocarina virtuosos Osawa Satoshi & Vera Unfried. This event is a unique chance for learning and improving your ocarina playing under the supervision of two of the world's best ocarinists.
Our aim:
We would like to promote the playing on the multi-chambered ocarinas - double and triple ocarina in particular. Therefore we would like to give particularly those ocarina-players who have nurtured the wish to start playing double or triple ocarina the opportunity for realising that wish under professional supervision.

Important note: It is NOT necessary to be able to play double or triple ocarina yet!

We are looking forward to welcome you at this unique ocarina event!

Ocarina Master Class

Prerequisits for Active Participation

You should be able to play the notes from C1 to d2 well on either the 10 or the 12-hole ocarina or have good skills on another classical wood instrument. It is not necessary to play double or triple ocarina yet!

For hygenic reasons we cannot provide instruments for rental. Therefore, you must have your own ocarina to participate in the course. If you have not yet got a double or triple ocarina, you can also purchase one with us before the course starts. 

Registration and Fees

The course is organised by Octave - Ocarina, Musik und Kulturverein. The total fee is 150€ due together with the registration.

Please fill in the registration form here.

Registration is valid only if the course fee of 150€ is transfered to our bank account at the same time.

For cancellations up to 3 weeks prior to the course we charge an administrative fee of 50€.
After that the full amount is due.

Payment information:

Please use IBAN and BIC to avoid additional bank fees!

Refrence: Registration Masterclass

Account Holder: Ocatve Kulturverein
Bank: RB Donau Ameisberg
IBAN: AT0234075 0000 4809505
(Take care: The first six letters read:
Rudolf, Zeppelin,Otto, Otto, Anton, Theodor)
Ocarina Master Class