6-Hole Fish Plastic Ocarina AC darkblue

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6- Hole Plastic Ocarina Fish dark blue

Particular suitable for children
Easy to learn
English Cross-fingering
Chromatic range from C5-E6
Food-safe ABS plastic

Cute fish-shape
Different colours available
With fingering chart, cardboard box, and lanyard

Sound sample


Additional product information

Tune C
Tune (Italian) DO
Tune (English) AC
Range Alt / Alto
Range (german) c2-e3
Range (international) C5-E6
Material Kunststoff / plastic
Color wie im Bild / as shown
Package Contents Ocarina in Karton mit Umhängeschnur, mit Grifftabelle, Kurzanleitung / Ocarina packed in cardboard box, with lanyard, with fingering chart, short instructions
Weight 93g
Size 13.5cm x 6.6cm x 4.5cm
Fingering Style Mit erweitertem Englisches 6-Loch System With extended English cross fingering

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