Concert Ocarina 12-Hole C3 Meissen-Design

Concert Ocarina 12-Hole C3 Meissen-Design

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Concert-Ocarina AC 12-Hole C3 Meissen Design

Our "Meissen-Design" Ocarinas are replicas of the unique porcelain ocarinas which were manufactured in Germany around 1900 from Meissen-porcelain with the typical blue and white ornamentation. The rare originals which were used as templates are part of our museum collection in Oberkappel.

The concert-ocarina AC 12-Hole C3 Meissen Design is a revised version of our AC 12-Hole Ocarina C3 New - already one of the best 12-hole Ocarinas worldwide.


Additional product information

Tune C-Dur
Tune (Italian) Do
Tune (English) AC
Range Alt
Range (german) a1-f3
Range (international) A4-F6
Material Keramik / ceramiques
Color handbemalt, blauweißes Meissenmuster / handpainted traditional Meißen blue & white ornaments
Package Contents Ocarina, Tasche, 72 seitige "12-Loch Ocarinaschule", Umhängeschnur / Ocarina, padded bag, 72-pages "12-Hole Ocarina Tutor", lanyard
Weight 265 g
Size 16 cm
Fingering Style ASIAN 12-hole FINGERING

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