Triple Bass in C-Dur

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This Stein triple ocarina in the key of Bass C. There are three separate chambers that allow the player 21 chromatic notes from A to high G. Certain chords are also possible when playing both chambers together. All instruments are finely tuned for clarity and pitch and we use a unique straw firing process that creates beautiful earth tone colors throughout. A lacquer is also applied to bring out the richness in color.  Because of this unique handcrafted process, no two ocarinas will look the same.



*Includes our new specially designed light weight ocarina hard-shell case which gives the best possible protection for your instrument. 30.0cm x 20.6cm x 9.7cm

Each instrument comes with polishing cloth and channel cleaner.


Weitere Produktinformationen

Stimmung C-Dur
Tonumfang (deutsch) a-g3
Tonumfang (International) A3-G6
Material Keramik
Farbe Schwarz
Lieferumfang Ocarina, Hartschalenkoffer, CD "Osawa", Heft "Studioprojekt Weinberg" + CD
Gewicht 1036 g
Abmessungen 24,7 x 18,5 x 7,0 cm

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