Sheet Music 10/12-Hole

Sheet Music 10/12-Hole

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Originalkompositionen mit CD (Original Compositions + CD)

Short description: Original Composition Collection of 19th century ocarinas music, completed with new pieces by Giorgio Pacchioni; for 1 to 2 ocarinas and piano; with CD

Score & individual part

  • Carnevale di Venezia
  • Our two Pet Canaries- Duet
  • Rosina- Polka
  • La Spaziosa- Polka
  • Grande Fantasie de Concert L´Eco
  • Le Rossignol
  • Sweet Birdie Mazurka
  • La Brilla
  • La Trottola-Walzer
  • Pei campi
  • Tyrolienne Polka
  • Polka una passeggiata
  • Vironian-Polka de Concert
  • Vieni al mar
  • Rossignol-Polka


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Ensemble Balli Saltati Emiliani

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Studioprojekt Weinberg mit CD

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12 Hole Spaß am Ocarinaspielen

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Originalkompositionen for Ocarina (Original Compositions)

This volume comprises original compositions for ocarina and piano from the 19th century and new compositions by the Italian ocarina virtuoso Giorgio Pacchioni.

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Complete Teaching Materials for Ocarinas

Complete Teaching Materials for Ocarinas

This collection contains exercises, instructions, ensemble pieces, solo pieces and fingering charts for 6-, 10-, 12-Hole, Double and Triple-Ocarina from years of experience ind teaching the ocarina in group seminars. You therfore find pieces for one to op to 20 players for learning, playing and having fun - both students and teachers!

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5-Book Set: Duetto for Ocarina & Variations on "Cade l'Uliva"

Duetto for Ocarina

Giorgio Pacchioni, one of the worlds leading ocarina virtuosos and pedagogues, presents a series of study works for multichambered ocarina. They consists of duets for teacher and student; volume I:01 are arrangements of duets for clarinet - volumes II:01-02-03 are arrangments of original duets for ocarina. The last volume III:01 is a demanding original composition for ocarina solo and piano by Pacchioni himself - a brilliant finale for this series.

Complete Set: 5 volumes - special price!

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