Plastic Ocarina AC C3 Fantasy

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Ocarina C3 Fantasy- for Children & Beginners

  • New modell for children and beginners
  • Valves on the upper side simplyfy fingering - no funny noises becaus of halfcovered holes!
  • Thumb-holes on the lower side covered with stickers - can be opened once you have mastered the other notes

The Ocarina C3 Fantasy is the result of a well-thought-out paedagogical skeme which makes the start on the ocarina as easy as possible. The pitch range with opened thumb-holes is almost identical with that of a 10-hole ocarina. The playful design makes it attractive especially for children.

Alltogether a a great start into ocarina playing!

Additional product information

Tune C-Dur
Tune (Italian) Do
Tune (English) AC
Range Alt
Range (german) h1-e3
Range (international) B4-E6
Material Kunststoff /Plastic
Color hellblau
Package Contents Ocarina, Anleitung zum Spiel, Farbige Kartonbox, Umhängeschnur / Ocarina, quick guide, coloured carton box, lanyard
Weight 171g
Size 17,5 cm
Fingering Style Asiatisch / Asian Ventile auf der Oberseite / Valves on the upper side

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