AC-12 Blue Sweet Potato

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AC-12 Hole Ocarina Blue Sweet Potato

The AC-12 Hole Ocarina Blue Sweet Potato is one of the best 12-hole ocarinas curretly available. It is a soft-blow ocarina which makes it easier to play. It needs less air-pressure than the standard variant and also maintains an almost constant air-pressure over the whole range. It is therefore a very good beginner's ocarina. The sound is equally balanced and clear throughout, but softer compared with the standard modell. It is precisely tuned to Alto C and made with the Asian 12-hole fingering system. The two additional little holes are played with both middle fingers. The higher e and d sharp are distinguished by the two thumbs. Although this may seem unfamiliar to players of 10-hole ocarinas in European style, it is actually easier. A fingering chart gives extra instruction on how to apply your fingers.

A light blue glaze and the shape inspird from the “ideal” ocarina give it a youthful flourish. The AC-12 Hole Blue Sweet Potato is an ideal musical companion – easy to play, easy to carry with you, with a beautiful sound and the maximum range of a single-chambered ocarina.




"Die Moldau"


Salley Gardens


Additional product information

Tune C
Tune (Italian) Do
Tune (English) AC
Range Alt
Range (german) a1-f3
Range (international) A4-F6
Material Keramik
Color Hellblau / light blue
Package Contents Ocarina, 72-seitige Schule, Tasche, verpackt in farbiger Kartonbox / mit Grifftabelle Ocarina, 72-pages booklet with instructions, cushioned bag, packed in coloured cardboard box
Weight 260g
Size 16cm
Fingering Style Asiatisches 12-Loch System / Asian 12- hole fingering

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