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Dolphin Ocarina Soprano 4-Hole

Our dolphin-shaped Ocarinas are very popular with children. They are also very easy to hold. Our little dolphin is a piccolo ocarina in G, finely tuned with a high and clear sound. Fingered C sounds G.

Our simplified Rotter-4-Hole Fingerung System is particularly easy to learn.
ATTENTION: It is NOT identical with the English 4-Hole Fingering System!

A sheet music collection of 46 tunes suitable for our 4-hole ocarinas with fingering chart is included. With fingering symbols under each note which allow you to play the tunes without having to read the notation.


Additional product information

Tune G
Tune (Italian) Sol
Tune (English) SG
Range Sopran / Soprano
Range (german) fis2-e3
Range (international) F#5-E6
Material Keramik / ceramiques
Color Hellblau / light-blue
Package Contents Ocarina, Liederheft "Notensammlung Teil 1-4" (mit Anleitung), Weiße Kartonbox, Umhängeschnur Ocarina, sheet music, white cardboard box, lanyard
Weight 165 g
Size 14 cm
Fingering Style Rotter System (Ocarinamusic)

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