Concert Ocarina C1 12-Hole long

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Concert Ocarina C1 12-Hole long

The Concert Ocarina C1 12-hole ist one of the best piccolo ocarinas of the world. It has the largest pitch range of a single chambered ocarina of almost two octaves. Because of its special shape you can play the high g on every one of these ocarinas.

The fingering is a combination of European und Asian standards, a fusion of the advantages of both: the subholes according to Asian desgin expand the range downward from C1 to lower A; the high notes are according to European standards which has two advatages: for one the high notes are clearer and flageolett notes (G2 guaranteed, A2 sometimes (NOT guaranteed) are possible. For another the trill with e2 and d2 sharp often demanded in Italian ocarina literature is easier to play.

Because of its size it is suitable for small hands only!

Additional product information

Tune C-Dur / C-Major
Tune (Italian) Do
Tune (English) SC
Range Piccolo
Range (german) a2-g4
Range (international) A5-G7
Material Keramik / ceramiques
Color Terrakotta / Earth colour
Package Contents Ocarina, 72 seitige Ocarina Schule / Tasche, Heft „Favourites for Ocarina“, Umhängeschnur und Grifftabelle Ocarina, 72-pages teach yourself book, padded bag, sheet music "Favourites for Ocarina", lanyard
Weight 75 g
Size 14 cm
Fingering Style Europäisch / EUROPEAN 12-Hole System

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