7-Hole Celtic Ocarina Green

7-Hole Celtic Ocarina Green

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7-Loch Celtic Ocarina Green

Full bodied ocarinas have a full, round sound. The 7-Hole Celtic Ocarina is a Alto ocarina in C. The sounding range ins H4-C6.

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Tune C-Dur
Tune (Italian) Do
Tune (English) AC
Range Alt / Alto
Range (german) h1-c3
Range (international) B4-C6
Material Keramik / ceramiques
Color Green
Package Contents Ocarina, Liederheft "Keltische Musik für die 7-Loch Ocarina" (mit Anleitung), Kartonbox, Umhängeschnur / Ocarina, Sheet Music book 'Celtic Music for the 7-Hole Ocarina' (with fingering chart & quick guide), cardboard box, lanyard
Weight 190 g
Size 10 cm
Fingering Style Rotter System (Ocarinamusic)

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