AC Triple Ocarina Panda

AC Triple Ocarina Panda

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AC Triple Ocarina Panda

The Triple Ocarina Panda combines the pitch ranges of C3, G2, C1 to 3 full ocatves. The highest note is a A7, which other triple models often lack;  moreover, some notes have a more comfortable way of fingering. Fingered C major sounds C major.

The Panda design is a tribute to this special, nowadays rare animal of China. The ocarina is very similar to the  Triple Exclusive, which however is still lighter and more comfortable to play than the Panda.

Additional product information

Tune C-Dur
Tune (Italian) Do
Tune (English) AC
Range Alt
Range (german) a1-a4
Range (international) A4-A7
Material Keramik
Color Schwarzweiß, Pandadesign / black & white, panda design
Package Contents Ocarina, Tasche, Grifftabelle, Heft „Studioprojekt Weinberg“ + CD
Weight 442 g
Size 15 x 11 cm

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