About us - The Ocarina Musichouse and Museum

About us - The Ocarina Musichouse and Museum

Johann Rotter first became acquainted with vessel flutes made from clay on his travels through Southern Asia in the 
1980s. During his time in South India, he made his first attempts at making his own ocarinas. After some years as an ocarina 
maker in Great Britain, he finally moved to Oberkappel/Austria. Since 1998 Karin Rotter has played a major part in the work 
of the company ocarinamusic.

The spacious company building in Oberkappel comprises not only the workshop and the shop, but also rooms and facilities for weekend seminars, the Ocarina Museum Austria, and a music publisher, which edits sheet music tailored to the different ocarina models and a new, comprehensive ocarina tutor book (by Tobias Klein). Since 2012, ocarina weekend courses are offered twice a year by the members of ocarinamusic. 

Over the years, the company has gained a good national and international reputation and is now selling its products 
throughout Europe and also worldwide. The ocarinas made by Ocarinamusic are available in different forms, sizes and pitches. There are four distinct designs: 4-hole, 7-hole, 10-hole, and 12-hole. Their pitch ranges vary from a sixth, over one, and one and a half octaves, to almost two octaves respectively.  All models taken together, therefore, cover the whole range of musical uses from musical education of small children at the nursery to the professional music-making of the trained musician. 

Address and Map Overview

Karin & Johann Rotter
Falkensteinerstraße 16
4144 Oberkappel

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