24 Pieces composed or arranged by Alfredo Barattoni Vol. 1: Pieces 1-6

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The 24 pieces composed or arranged by Alfredo Barattoni are unique in the ocarina history.

Barattoni was probably the most gifted and most famous arranger and composer for the Settimino, the 7 part ocarina ensemble of Budrio. The collection has survived in 7 instrumental parts handwritten by the composer himself. The pieces were probably composed from the 1920ties into the 40ies. Therefore they represent popular repertoire of this particular time. The parts supposedly used by the performers much later.

Volume 1 presents the first 6 pieces of the collection in a first edition - a wonderful opportunity for ambitious ensembles, players and collectors. 
Score (98 pages) and 7 parts C1, G2, C3, G4, C5, G6, C7 ( 16 pages each)

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