Ocarina Tutor for the 4 & 6-Hole Ocarina NOW 6-hole plastic fish included

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The NEW Ocarina Tutor for
4 & 6- Hole Ocarina
with extended English Crossfingering

PLEASE NOTE: does not fit the Rotter 4-Hole System; books for the latter you can find here.

Our Ocarina Tutor for 4 & 6 Hole Ocarina is expecially for Ocarinas made after the English 4-Hole Cross Fingering System and the extended English 6-Hole Fingerng System (not to be confused with the further simplified Rotter 4- and 7-hole systems!). These fingering modes going back to John Taylor and Terry Riley are ingenious: with only four or six holes you can play a full chromatic octave or an ocatve plus a third respectively.

Easy to learn

The reduction to 4 and 6 holes make these ocarinas also ideal for children. They are easier to learn than 10 or 12 hole ocarinas and available in many different, colourful shapes. A great way for the little ones to experience that music is fun!

Entertaining structure

The book features instructions, fingering charts for 4 and 6 hole, preliminary exercises and a variety of easy to medium grade melodies. All exercises and melodies feature both: notation and graphic fingering symbols. These will guide you along without having to be able to read the musical notation. You decide where you start: reading, exercises or with one of your favourite melodies right away.

Enjoy your Ocarina

The combination of well-known tunes, instructive material, notation and graphical fingering symbols make it an easy and enjoyble guide for starting to play the 4 or 6-hole pendant ocarina. 

6-Hole Fish Ocarina inclusive!

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ISBN 978-3-902631-72-5
Sprache Deutsch / Englisch

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