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limited edition /  only 42 of this ocarina were built / with this ocarina there is always a mini ocarina included in the price / the mini Karinchen with music book ( one of the smallest ocarinas there is, is included in the price here )

One of the best AC ocarinas out there,beautiful in appearance and sound

Additional product information

Tune C-Dur / C-major
Tune (Italian) do
Tune (English) AC
Range Alt / Alto
Range (german) a1-f3
Range (international) A4-F6
Material Keramik / ceramques
Color Schwarzweiß / black & white
Package Contents Ocarina 72-seitige Anleitung, Farbige Kartonbox und Grifftabelle / Ocarina, 72-pages Introduction, sturdy coloured cardboard box
Weight 250g
Size 16cm
Fingering Style Asiatisch / Asian 12-hole fingering

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