BG Ensemble Double

BG Ensemble Double

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New Series: Ensemble Double Ocarina BG

2 whole years went into the development of this new series of ocarinas especially designed for ensemble use. The result is a smoother transition process in breath pressure and sound volume when the player switches from the first to the second chamber of the ocarina. These enhancements also make it an excellent solo ocarina, too.

This newly released double ocarina is in the key of Bass G. In order to meet the above requirements it was necessary to enlarge the inner spaces of both chambers, thus its size is a little bigger than the one of a Regular model. The two separate chambers allow the player 27 chromatic notes from A3 to G5. Certain chords are also possible when playing both chambers together. All instruments are finely tuned for clarity and pitch. A unique straw firing process creates beautiful earth tone colours throughout. A lacquer is applied to bring out the richness in colour.  Because of this unique handcrafted process, no two ocarinas will look the same.

Additional product information

Tune Bass G-Dur
Range (german) e-g2
Range (international) E3-G5
Material Keramik
Color Strohbrand
Package Contents Ocarina, Koffer, Grifftabelle, CD "Osawa"
Weight 1345 g
Size 28,5 cm

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