AC 12-Hole Ocarina C3 New

AC 12-Hole Ocarina C3 New

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Concert Ocarina AC 12-Hole C3

The Concert Ocarina AC 12-Hole C3 Standard is one of the best 12-Hole Ocarinas currently available. It has a balanced, clear and carrying sound throughout. It is precisely tuned to Alto C thus covering the medium high pitch range. It is remarkable easy to play for a 12-hole ocarina; the low notes in particaular require next to no modification of the air-pressure as is often the case with other 12-hole ocarinas.

It is made with the Asian 12-hole fingering system. The two additional little holes are played with both middle fingers. The higher e and d sharp are distinguished by the two thumbs. Although this may seem unfamiliar to players of 10-hole ocarinas in European style, it is actually easier. A fingering chart gives extra instructions on how to apply your fingers.

The natural style black and brown glaze gives it a timeless and open appearance; it fits into all musical styles and grenres be that classical music, jazz or folk music. Alltogether this is a very versatile ocarina – an ocarina for carrying with you all the time: medium size, medium high, with a beautifully balanced sound and the maximum range of a single-chambered ocarina.




Additional product information

Tune Do
Tune (English) AC
Range Alt
Range (german) a1-f3
Range (international) A4-F6
Material Keramik
Color Schwarzbraun
Package Contents Ocarina, 72-seitige Anleitung, Farbige Kartonbox
Weight 250 g
Size 16 cm
Fingering Style Asiatisch

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