AC 12-Hole Ocarina Edelweiss blue

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Concert Ocarina AC 12-Hole C3 Edelweiss

Just newly released by Focalink in June, 2020. Accoding to Satoshi Osawa, worldfamous ocarina player, this single-chambered ocarina is the perfect choice for ocarina beginners. With medium breath pressure and in the key of Alto C. Its range is from A to high F for a total of 13 notes. All instruments are finely tuned for clarity and pitch despite the cheap price. Beautiful blue coloured glaze applied with artful edelweiss pattern.

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Tune Do
Tune (English) AC
Range Alt / alto
Range (german) a1-f3
Range (international) A4-F6
Material Keramik / ceramiques
Color blau weiß / blue & white
Package Contents Ocarina, 72-seitige Anleitung, Farbige Kartonbox / Ocarina, 72-page instruction, coloured cardboard box
Weight 289 g
Size 17,5 cm x 6,5cm x 4,6cm
Fingering Style Asiatisch / asian

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