6-Hole Ocarina "Mozart" Motive 2

6-Hole Ocarina "Mozart" Motive 2

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6-Hole Ocarina handpainted "Mozart" Motive 2

Beautiful, handpainted 6-hole Ocarina with extended, English crossfingering. Only a limited number of these ocarinas have been made.

For learning how to play the ocarina  our new Ocarinatutor for 4 & 6-hole Ocarina is included in the price.




Additional product information

Tune G-Dur
Tune (Italian) Sol
Tune (English) AG
Range Tenor
Range (german) g1-h2
Range (international) G4-B5
Material Keramik / ceramics
Color handbemalt, Mozartportrait / handpainted Mozart portrait Nr. 2
Package Contents Ocarina, 80-seitige Ocarinaschule, in marineblauer, mit Stoff ausgekleidete Box Ocarina, 80-pages Ocarinatutor, in navyblue, padded box
Weight 250 g
Size 10,5 cm
Fingering Style ertweiteres, englisches Griffsystem / extended English crossfingering

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